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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, it started out unremarkably boring, but it got surprisingly touching

it was a nice angle on the classic quest-hunter adventurer lifestyle! Nice usage of the sound effects!

A Sweet Typing Thrill A Sweet Typing Thrill

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As expected, awesome :D

Took me less time to figure the answers on this one, compared to the prequel. But maybe because I love communication? Or maybe the game is slightly easier? Either way it was challenging enough for me to get stuck on the Rotate one.
And I'm still stuck at the ending, but will definitely come back to try again

As for the game revew,
Even though there are no "graphics" to review (aside from the font used), but that leaves more space for you, the player, to imagine yourself as the detective, rackng your brain to find the solution for this weird case, possibly with other's lives (and your own) at stake. And I find this pretty neat. The music fits right in and the voices creeped me out xD
Will recommend to my friends when we talk about puzzle/riddle games!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, Danpcz!

Intereting that you in general found this instalment to be easier than the second one, as I'm pretty sure it has been the other way around for most other people :O
Great job getting so far in one go!

The ending is a bit of a tough one, but maybe you remember the basic concept from the first game? It's a bit different, but don't forget to pay attention while you play the game again, in order to get back to the last stage.

Yeah, I've decided that even if I could've added some graphics, like a desk and a computer with a screen, I wanted to go with a more "pure" text-based feel. Also, I think indeed think it makes it easier for the player to immerse into the game (within the game) as if they were playing it themselves.

Glad you like the music! :D

Thanks again for playing, reviewing, and for possibly recommending this to your friends!

Shword Shword

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely loved the concept!
And the aesthetics fit it very well, including the enemies

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Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I've played full visual novels before and they look like illustrated books, with and interesting, flowing narrative.
I've played more interactive, social games and they're way more dynamic and feel more genuine.

In this game, all I did was study (study what? What for? Did I learn anything?), eat, give gifts (what? Is it normal to just go to someone you don't know and say "take this. And this, and this, and this..."? And it's also kinda superficial that they like me more because I bought them "something"), sleeping (has a day has passed? The scenario didn't even change!) and talking (over the same dialogues until I gift them).
Update: Replaying, found out if you don't study enough, you get expelled. And after you don't, you just don't need to study anymore, which is also unnatural and kinda boring. Especially with no clear indication of your progress for the test. Even studying in real life you get more of a sense of accomplishment after studying! This game in no way felt like a high school

Story-wise, I can't complain about the characters, apart from the obvious harem-protagonist-syndrome, where everyone likes the main character. I would expect at least half of them to have an adverse reaction. And would like to see rejection. It hurts, but it's part of life.
And the main character is neither blank (or customizable) enough for the player to insert his own personality, nor he is detailed enough to feel like an interesting, genuine character.

So, to me, this just seems like a way to appease the player's needs for easy romance with whoever they choose. Again, this seems superficial and not at all realistic.
It may have cute romance and maybe have an interesting story later on, but, as a game, it is boring.

The background music also has a terrible loop :\
It started to fade out when the satyr girl started talking, made me think "Hey, something is going to happen!". But no, the music just restarted.

This would do much better as a light novel or graphic novel than as a game. Again, sorry if it was too biased

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KoltonKennedy responds:

Don't be so serious.

Cathode Raybits 2 Cathode Raybits 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

other people pretty much covered it; it's a version of the classic arcade megaman, with annoying difficulty, no tutorials and all

so, personally, things that annoyed me:
- Mr. Fulp's stage: are you serious? two consecultive stages full of insta-death holes and spikes? (and enemies pushing you onto holes and spikes). Goddammit.
- You don't get to keep e-tanks if you quit and load using the password
- Aqua bot boringly easy using his weakness, aqua's stage comparatively easy compared to others
- sometimes accidentaly dash out of plataforms
- jump button fails, rarely, but on critical moments
- making us experience again the pain of disappearing plataforms

my comment is that gaming has changed so much since the arcade era, I wonder if tributes should change too, since they recreate what made those games great, but also what made them poor or makes people not play them anymore today.
So I guess 3/5: "not bad"

SpaceWrecked SpaceWrecked

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'd say surprisingly good
Looked weird at the stard and controllers didn't work somewhy until I pressed Tab

But it was enjyoable. I only greatly missed a final boss, to test my power with all those upgrades I found.

It's even weirder that I can't replay it, appearently. And, as someone else said, some music could complement well the adventure

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JGardner responds:

You can restart by pressing R.

Thanks for mentioning the controls didn't work until pressing Tab. Turns out I introduced a bug in my last update where controls weren't set on startup unless a save game already existed. It should be fixed now.

What's inside the box? What's inside the box?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

only thing I can complain about is that the "need a hint?" appeared too soon

Makes me feel like the game thinks I won't be able to do it without help e_e'

for all else, it's a great simple game!

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Riddle Transfer 2 Riddle Transfer 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great ending to the series!
This was one of the most ejoyable point&click games I've played. The puns ranging from terrible to terrific may have contributed to this :D

I found there were some too random combinations and item usages here and there throughout the series, but I figure it must aways be hard to make the player understand what you want them to.

Also nice to notice how the series seem to have evolved together with you
Hope you make other great games in the future!

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Slumber Knight Slumber Knight

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Instead of making a compulsory death dead end to make dying part of the game, you could have added challenge runs, like beating all the demons without the sword, or the torch, losing no hearts, etc. Things that would make the player want to replay the game and memorize the map or draw his own. You don't care so much about dying when you're trying a challenge run.

The demons already kill you enough, so I belive the dead end added unneeded frustration. Not explaining the controls caused some minor frustrations as well. What kind of knight jumps into a bottomless pit of darkness just because the player didn't get used to the controls? : (

Other than that, it's a pretty fun game. Keep up the good work! I also was not thrilled to kill all the bosses again after failing at the fifth. Especially when the map suddenly turned black until I blindly managed to make my way to that dragon. I don't think this was a feature :p
Happened twice

kakus responds:

I made the game after playing a lot of demon's souls and in that game you die a lot as a learning process. That's why this game is so influenced by it. Now I see that many player find this mechanic annoying, although many of them actually learned how to play the game. When I was designing the game I thought that it would be cool to explore the dungeon and learn it as each death give you a small bit of information that you can use next time beating the game.

>Not explaining the controls caused some minor frustrations as well. What kind of knight jumps into a bottomless pit of darkness just because the player didn't get used to the controls? : (
Yep, that's my failure. This should be fixed.

> Especially when the map suddenly turned black until I blindly managed to make my way to that dragon. I don't think this was a feature :p
Happened twice

Could you tell me what is your browser version and operating system? Did it happen just after you unlocked the last demon? If you started a new game was the problem still on?
This shouldn't happen, I'm sorry.

Thank you for your feedback!

Hellfall Hellfall

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very cool overall (concept, music, skills)

My complaints are that the ending is pretty underwhelming. Especially since stage 18 looks like our sky, so I thought "wow, is he falling from the sky on Earth? Is he falling FROM hell? Or is he going to reach hell after passing through the Earth's sky and ground?". Then what is got is freaking fireworks. O_รต
Come on!

And the other complaint is the apocalypse mode. Generally this kind of endless mode is good for the player to test their skill or builds. But there's no way to avoind those monsters without using skills and I couldn't even chose my own combo. So it was just blasting through enemies repeatedly (while blasting my ears with those sound effects), which got boring after a few seconds

But great job anyway!

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